Welcome! I'm Jarkko Rantanen.

I am a psychologist, speaker, trainer, author, knowledge-enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

This is what I do

Let’s put it straight. Whatever you want in life or business, your emotions and personality are crucial in determining your success. Emotions are the fuel for human performance, and your emotions are closely tied to your personality. Without sufficient and appropriate emotions, you have no fuel, and even the best goals in life do not come true. And since we live in a social world, it is not only your emotions and personality that determine your success, but you have to understand and deal with the emotions and personalities of others, too.

The crucial role of emotions and personality for any performance is a fact that many people ignore, despite the fact that it is clearly backed by science and – if you really stop to think about it – your intuitive experience. 

My goal is to collect research and practical tools about these fascinating areas of life and share them with you.

Who am I?

I am a psychologist, speaker, trainer, author, knowledge-enthusiast, and entrepreneur. I’m an incurable seeker, I have always been looking out for new answers to big questions like: How do I find true passion and motivation? How can I become my best possible self and be truly successful at what I do? How can I find real, lasting happiness in life? How do I really influence people at deep levels, so that they truly change and engage?

If you are also thinking about questions like this, I can help you. Learning about emotions and personality has truly transformed my life – and they can transform yours, too. I’ve seen it happen so many times. Today, we also have a science to back this up.

I won’t make light statements that promise to change your life. I have tried myself so many self-improvement strategies, only to find out that most of them do not work. Nowadays I believe only in something that I have personally found to be true through my own experience, and something that science can back up.

To get started on understanding workplace emotions, I recommend you start by watching this TEDx talk.

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