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Amazing tactic for delivering bad news

Do you have some news to share that people will react negatively to? Maybe you're telling your friend you're late; or you're telling your spouse you can't make the trip you were planning; or you have to tell your boss you're late with the report; or maybe you're the...

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The most powerful question of your life

I was not a happy child. Despite the fact that the conditions I grew up with were in many ways good. I had my both parents… Siblings… Pets… My family was financially ok… We were all healthy… I was quite well taken care of... But inside, I had this recurring sense of...

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All you ever NEED to know about ANGER (Part 2)

I talk a lot about emotions and how they affect us in our day to day lives. But often I feel that I cannot REALLY delve in deep enough in my blogs. So last week, I decided to do things a bit differently than usual. I chose to write about a topic you - my readers - had...

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All you ever NEED to know about ANGER (Part 1)

Hi everyone! This week, we are doing things a bit differently. I have gotten a lot of questions about different emotions. How they affect us and how we can deal with them. And lately the most popular emotion has been….drum roll please…. Anger. Of all the emotions we...

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Is it ok to show emotions at work?

"Can I show my emotions at work?" This is a question I get asked often. This is actually a very interesting question. But I also think it’s a wrong one. I’ll share a much better question later. Let’s first dig into this question a bit deeper and look at it from four...

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Frustration is something we experience EVERY SINGLE DAY. You want to get to work, but there is a traffic jam. You want to move on, but the other person is talking slowly, rambling, not getting to the point. You’d want to focus on your REAL work, but bureaucracy is...

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Is your work making you SICK?

What is the most harmful and toxic emotion in the workplace? No, it’s not fear... Or frustration... Or anger... Or envy...  Or shame... These are all good candidates, but there is an emotion that is much worse. It’s actually something you wouldn’t expect. It is a very...

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It’s been estimated that leadership team behaviors explain 50-70% of the organizational climate. And why does it matter? Because the emotional climate is crucial for business success. The emotions experienced in the workplaces have a huge impact on people’s decisions,...

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5 ways to deal with a self-centered egoist

They can turn your life into HELL. They can ruin your team’s emotional climate and turn your workplace into a battlefield. With their “me first” – attitude they can undermine and destroy the co-operation you’ve all worked so hard for. You know who I’m talking about....

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What is the BEST stress release method available?

Sometimes we come across things we haven’t even been able to imagine. And since we don’t know these things are possible or exist, we can’t even look for those things. It’s like the famous quote by Henry Ford: ”If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have...

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5 tips to AWAKEN joy after the holiday!

So it’s time to get back to work. For many people, it’s a time of internal struggle: ”Oh no, now I have to start being effective and disciplined again. Early mornings... Tight schedules... Heavy responsibilities... Power struggles... Consuming relationships......

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4 questions to answer when things go WRONG

A friend once told me: “Cancer diagnosis was the best thing that has ever happened to me”. WHAT!? I was shocked. I was confused. How can he say something like that? But then I heard him out. I listened. And finally, I understood. Bad things happen to us all the time....

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The five flaws of TRUMP that can SAVE the world

When Trump was elected, I was in PAIN. I just couldn’t understand how someone could vote for a person like him. The world is going to get much worse. I mean, look at all the problems we have in the world: Overpopulation… Terrorism… Pollution… Climate change......

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