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Hi there. 

My name is Jarkko Rantanen. For two decades I have worked as a psychologist, author, speaker, coach, trainer and entrepreneur. And I have come to a horrible conclusion.

There is something wrong, terribly wrong, with the way we live our lives and lead our companies today.

Too many people feel awful in their work and their lives in general. People get depressed. People burn out. People get sick.

For example, depression is the leading cause for disability in today’s world. We already have 350 million people with diagnosed depression in the world today. And who knows how many undiagnosed depressions there are? And every year, the number of people diagnosed with depression increases 20%.

And it not just depression and anxiety that is the problem. There is a more general sense of unsatisfaction.

Think about this. You spend most of your time working, preparing for work, or travelling to work. You go from one dreadful meeting to another and take care of a million “emergencies”. You get pushed around by people you don’t respect. You get treated unfairly.

In the short time that is left over you try to take care of your family, relationships, household chores – and your life. Next day, you repeat this. Over and over again.

Your life is full, yet you feel unfulfilled.

You are expected to push through the pain. “John, we really care about you and your health. But don’t forget to finish those weekly reports”. 
Any emotions you might feel are supposed to be repressed. Don’t even let them in your head. If you start to feel, you might realize that you aren’t happy and you’re going down a very dangerous path.

It’s a slow death. 
We are expected to work hard, regardless of how we feel, with a slim hope there is gold at the end of the rainbow. Retirement. But what good does that do if we never make it there?

During early career years, entering the corporate world like this maybe highly exciting. You get to be a part of the action. You develop new skills. You advance. You get to prove you’re worthy and capable. You get to test your limits.

But at some stage, you start to wonder: Is this really worth the 40 years of agony and pain? Let me tell you – it’s not.

Archaeologists figure that our paleo ancestors “worked” maybe 12 hours a week. The rest of the time they played. Clearly, we simply were not made to work 60, 50 or even 40 hours a week.

However, it impossible to just hop out of the rat race. If you don’t deliver the results, you’ll get fired. 

So what can you do? Just keep on running in the race and hope you make it to retirement? My advice?

Don’t listen to the bullsh*t they are feeding you. Your current “do-whatever-they- say-and-repress-what-I-feel” lifestyle is a looming hurricane. Maybe you see its signs already? Feeling irritable and tired? Sleep problems? Lack of passion and excitement?

If you see the signs and ignore them, one day the hurricane will hit you. And it will do so with an awesome force. 
Then there will be no returning back. You will be forced to make major changes in your life. But let me tell you – it is much, much better to do the changes now, before you burn out or get sick.

Fortunately, there is a better way out of all this. A way to combine high results and authentic well-being. A way to live a fulfilling life and lead a sustainable, profitable business without sacrificing everything else.

If you want to drive a car for 10 or 20 years, you need to understand what the car needs in order to function that long. You will need knowledge: What does the car need in order to function? What are the parts that are under most pressure and are likely to wear out first? How do you take care of them?

You can either learn these things yourself or you can use the services of car experts who know the cars.

It’s the same with people. If you want to live a happy and productive life, you need to understand how people function. You need to understand the Human Mind.

My purpose is to be the expert that will teach you the skills you need. I’m the Human Advisor at your service.

Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.

Micheal Gungor

You see, I’ve been there myself. I have worked in the high-demand consulting world, and I’ve been employed in high-demand roles in the corporate world. I’ve gone through the rush years with children and work, and I’ve gone through a divorce in the midst of it all.

I’ve started six companies, some with success, some with less success. I’ve delivered high results. But I’ve also had my share of anxieties, stress, sleepless nights, and sense of meaninglessness. Many times I’ve been hanging on the verge of burnout.

At the same time, I’ve studied the human mind. I have coached hundreds of managers to find better ways to perform and live. I’ve helped many, many teams and organizations to transform their emotional climate from negativity and cynicism into engagement and enthusiasm. 

After all the years of working and studying, I’ve come to see there are two areas that are the most impactful, transformative areas within psychology that have the power to change people for the better: 1) emotions and 2) personality. By really understanding the way emotions and personality have a role in everything we do, it is possible to find new ways for dealing with anything.

Now, there’s two things you can do. If you believe that emotions are irrelevant, people perform best by demanding more and more, and the only way forward is using your elbows, setting higher and higher targets, increasing pressure – then I wish you luck on your journey. I thank you for reading this and wish you a happy life.

If you on the other believe people are best inspired by purpose, true connection, authencity, and you are willing to explore a new approach to life and work – well then, I welcome you to a journey that will improve your life profoundly.

I invite you to get started with these two small steps:


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